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NCV Channel is a unique, infotaining media initiative in the satellite TV scape, launched with a definite objective of creating value for the viewers' time invested on the TV channel. The brand promise is to operate in all possible ways that would ultimately benefit the land and its people. NCV Channel has a wider target group cutting across age, demographic and geographic barriers. The channel is managed by a blended team of young and experienced professionals. Give us a call today on +914931225544 to find out more.

Efficient services

We deliver contents that are a perfect balance of aesthetics, tradition and knowledge, which are in tune with the audience knowledge-based content needs and preferences. This understanding and dedication with which the channel delivers its contents has made it possible for NCV Channel to reach out to the metro and mofussil audience in equally appealing proportions. Every effort is made to make sure the programmes are highly audience-engaging and worth their time. Copyright NCV Channel, Nilambur.

Rewiring of complex properties

Here at NCV we’re experts at installing a range of cable and satellite TV packages. Whether your home needs a complex re-wiring to provide cable access or you live in a block of flats or a suburban bungalow our technicians have experience servicing a multitude of homes and should have no problem installing your cable or satellite package. Our installation technicians will stay on site until the job is complete, ensuring that you will never require another technician call out.

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